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Worms - Levamisole

 "TVG" wrote: <<<<<< Worms - Levamisole
 I couldn't find the Levamisole HCL as recomended.  I found a
product called Tramisol, which is Levamisole Phosphate,
(...)  But here is what I
did: the package says "'for 6mg levamisole HCL activity per kg of body
weight use 0.044 ml per kg"  I substituted kg for liter, and used 1ml for my
25 gal tank (90 liters), to get the about the 5mg/kg or 5mg/l.  Now I
already added this and I am thinking, "Did I do the right thing".  So,
please if I screwed up please reply.>>>>>>>

The assumption that an oral dose per Kg (of body weight of the animal)
is equivalent to dose per liter (of aquarium water), is probably 
incorrect, because the amount of medication actually available
to the animal's body is higher when given by mouth, than when
absorbed through the aquarium water. Anyhow, this does not
necessarily mean you will have problems.
The identification of the correct dose is an extremely complicated
business, depending on the physical conditions of the environment
(when diluted in aquarium water), and the physiology of the fish
(different between species, and often between single individuals).
Although some rationale thinking may help to get some preliminary 
idea of what a correct dose might be, only carefully conducted studies 
can actually provide data to rely upon. That's caution should be
exercised when using medications for which data and references are not 
available. For nematodes (roundworms, Camallanus, Capillaria, etc.),
an alternative to levamisole is flubendazole, which is mentioned
in several reference books.  Fluke-Tabs also contains a component
active on nematodes, but the dose is unknown and it is hard to
judge how effective it is indeed. They all seem to be OK in planted

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