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Re: Worms - Levamisole

I had asked earlier about worms on/in my fish.  I got some very helpfull
replies. But I couldn't find the Levamisole HCL as recomended.  I found a
product called Tramisol, which is Levamisole Phosphate, the box that it came
in says "Contains Levamisole Phosphate equivalent to 136.5 mg Levamisole HCL
per ml."  As this was all I could find, I went ahead and got it.  Now for
the dosing, it was recomended that I use 5mg/l dose.  This was confusing to
me (might have forgot some basic science stuff here).  But here is what I
did: the package says "'for 6mg levamisole HCL activity per kg of body
weight use 0.044 ml per kg"  I substituted kg for liter, and used 1ml for my
25 gal tank (90 liters), to get the about the 5mg/kg or 5mg/l.  Now I
already added this and I am thinking, "Did I do the right thing".  So,
please if I screwed up please reply.

Steve Bansee
Winnipeg, Manitoba