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RE: water storage

>>That is nice when you can get away with it. Many people have well water 
large dissolved gas content, and/or water way too cold for doing that. When
I lived in Santa Clara, a glass filled from the tap looked like milk, at
first, and slowly cleared from the bottom. Even though we had no chlorine,
direct tap filling often caused considerable distress with bubbles (mostly
nitrogen) all over the glass (and gills). Tempering by mixing hot and cold
makes the bubbles even worse.<<

I must be missing something but I never heard of bubbles causing harm to 
fish...I use water straight from the tap, (I'm in San Jose, about a half 
hour from Fremont), and I have no problem adjusting the temp by touch to be 
pretty darn close to the tank temp before putting it in the tank...I just 
hook up my python and I am all set. Most of the people I know use bottled 
or storage water because their tap is too hard, and they want soft water, 
not because they are afraid of some bubbles..

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