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Re: Perfecto SHO Lights

>55W 5400K bulbs. The job was easy and results excellent. The AH kit is
>noticeably brighter than the SHO strip, due apparently to the reflector
>design. It would be a simple task for someone handy with wood to build a

My .02 cents. The difference in brightness between the AH and the Perfecto
setups is really entirely due to the reflector design, whith the optimal
"double paraboloid" form in the AH kit as opposed to a flat-top design in 
Perfecto's. That comparison is only possible in the 48" version though. 
For 36" tanks the Perfecto is the only option. This is because the flat-top
design allows the fixture to hold the same two 22" long 55 watt bulbs as
in the 48" fixture, since they can be staggered. It's not possible to
use a double paraboloid reflector with stagered U tubes.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD