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Java Moss Use and Handling

I was wondering if anybody could help me with some problems handling Java moss.
How do you use it in your aquariums. Although I really like the dark green colour
and the texture, the thing keeps desintegrating and I have all these threads
floating around the tank. Do you use anything to hold it together.

I liked the idea of placing it under a stone in a bundle. I thought this would
solve my problems, but it still started to separate and disperse around. The uy in
the shop said to just leave it at the back of the tank behind the other plants,
and lit it gradually grow and cover all the back glass. This doesn-t make much
sense though. On one hand I still think it is going to separate. On the other in
order to cover the whole back of a 30 gallon tank it will take ages..... Any
suggestions would be appreciated....