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Re: Perfecto SHO Lights

>Randy asked about Perfecto SHOlights.....]

I have had a 48" SHO Strip Light with 2 - 55W 5400K bulbs since last
October. At the time it was the first reasonably priced (I paid $99.00 for
the strip, no bulbs as an introductory sale, I believe the price has
increased from this) compact fluorescent available. Last week I retrofitted
a double tube, 48" Perfecto strip light with a kit from AH Supply using 2 X
55W 5400K bulbs. The job was easy and results excellent. The AH kit is
noticeably brighter than the SHO strip, due apparently to the reflector
design. It would be a simple task for someone handy with wood to build a
basic strip or hood and use the kit to install CF's. The kit prices are very
reasonable and bulb prices the cheapest I've found, and help is a toll free
number away if you need it. If you don't want to build them yourself the
Perfecto is a definite alternative worth looking into, I have not had any
trouble with it. I have not seen the 6700K bulbs, but the 5400K's look
great. You can find a link on my links page at:
http://w3.nai.net/~luna/Fishpics/Fishlinks.html . I have no affiliation with
AH Supply, just a very happy customer!
Bob Buettner
With a touch of fall in the air in Northwestern CT

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