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Re: Tank Backgrounds

>>clips made of spring steel or alternatively you >>could drill the
>>for the insertion of suction cups which will hold >>the sheet close
to the glass.
>Fry and even larger fish could get trapped in there. >Sounds to me as
a maintenance hassle, or even 
>as a potential disaster.
I tried to raise some fry in a 10 gallon tank once. I didn't have many
fry, so I put a tank divider and put them in a partition that was about
1/3 the size of the 10 gallon tank (so they could find the brine shrimp
I was feeding them easier). I put a sponge filter in the other
partition for water circulation. I did lose about 10 fry who tried to
slip in between the aquarium glass and the tank divider. They would get
half way 
through and then get stuck and die while I was at work.  So yes, narrow
spaces are a real danger. 

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