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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1238

At 02:07 AM 8/27/1999 -0400, Roger S. Miller wrote:
>Actually, I have no need for an iron test kit, so I never replaced the Red
>Sea kit that I threw out.

I use one to track my Tropica MasterGrow additions.

>My question about why the heck we need 0.5 mg/l of iron in our aquariums
>still stands.

I agree.  I try to keep my iron at 0 (<25ppb).  I try to add a dose of TMG
and then wait till the tank has reached 0 for a couple of days, then dose
again.  If you try to maintain 150 ppb with TMG you will end up with too
much iron in the water and algae.  Heck I have a little algae even with the
low iron I use.   The Sera kit is to keep track of the Fe level.  I usually
check about 3 days after a dose, it shows a trace (say 50 ppb), I wait 3
days and dose again.   Same regime for N, I have almost no fish.  But I
redose when the N falls to 1ppm or less.
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