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Re: Tank Backgrounds

"James Purchase" wrote:
>clips made of spring steel or alternatively you could drill the plexiglass
>for the insertion of suction cups which will hold the sheet close to the

I've been toying with the idea of adding a background to my planted
tank, using similar construction techniques as described by James Purchase. 
I really would like to avoid permanently gluing something to the back glass 
pane, and the plexiglass with suction cups sounds as a great idea. I couldn't 
figure out however how to handle the potential problems associated with the 
small gap that will result in between the background and the back pane. Water 
could get trapped and stagnant in there. It could be a breeding place for 
small snails, out of reach of the clown loaches. Fry and even larger fish 
could get trapped in there. Sounds to me as a maintenance hassle, or even 
as a potential disaster. Anyone in the list that has experience in addressing 
these problems would care to comment ?

Thanks in advance,

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD