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re:blue green algae

>         "The waters of Green Lake in recent weeks have deteriorate into a
> murky, pea-green gruel, the result of the pollution-aided and explosive
> growth of a toxic bacterium that is commonly -- though inaccurately --
> dubbed "blue-green algae....

Well, I'd guess they need more fast-growing plants, and possibly some Nitrate
so that the plant growth can increase and consume the the excess nutrients
that the blue-green algae is using.   But I'm sure that instead of trying
to balance the water system, they will just dump tons of some chemical 
into the water and fix the problem for a year or two...

I wonder how many watts per gallon they've got?

And I don't even want to think out how long it's been since they
vaccuumed their gravel!

And I'd bet they aren't using a good CO2 system.   How many DIY
bottles would it take to supply the CO2?