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Blue Green Algae in choked tank

>>About this time last year one of my 10 gallon tanks developed an
infestation of bluegreen algae.  The tank is lit with 2 15-watt
flourescent tubes (3 watts/gallon) and choked with Vallisneria.
When my 60 gallon gets so overgrown that the circulation gets cut down
appreciably, I almost always start getting cyanobacteria.  It's usually
on the Cabomba tips or plumbing or glass up near the lights, but it's
also at the notorious gravel-glass interface.  Good light and low
circulation seem to be what it likes best. I think I read at the Krib
cyanobacteria section that N-fixing cyanos have an advantage in very low
nitrate tanks.  I think I have seen this phenomenon, too, when the tank
has lots of trace element fertilizer but no measurable N.  -- Sherman