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Sera iron test

Roger S. Miller wrote:

 >The kit had no smell that I recalled, and that started me thinking, and I
 >checked some sites on the 'net.  It's been more than a year since I
 >decided that kit was a Sera test kit, but I was wrong.  The kit I had was
 >a Red Sea product, not a Sera product.  My apologies to Dave and to the
 >folks at Sera.  I'm back to having no opinion about the Sera kit.

This explains it. I don't have the Red Sea iron test kit, but their other 
kits (with the possible exception of pH and ammonia) have given me nothing 
but trouble.

and Bryan Bankhead wrote:

 >	The Sera Test doesn't work with chelated iron supplements. The iron in
 >Sera is a the form of Iron Chloride and the EDTA is separate, rather
 >than using an iron EDTA salt. How this relates to how the test works is
 >anybodys guess.

The Sera test definitely works with chelated iron, or at least it works 
with whatever (DPTA, etc.) is in Tropica MasterGrow. If you give it 3-4 
hours it works, but the response after 3 minutes is negligible.

I verified this with a semi-scientific experiment where I created diluted 
solutions of TMG and Flourish with the same approximate Fe concentration. 
After 3 minutes, the Flourish sample showed the expected red color while 
the TMG sample was nearly clear. After 3 hours, both were nearly identical 
in color.

I'll have a write-up and pictures on the Web shortly for this.

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