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Compact Flourescent retrofit kits

Just a short note about the AH Supply CF kits. My kits (2 X 55 watt) were
shipped on Monday via priority mail and they were delivered on Wednesday. It
took 1 1/2 hours to convert my Perfecto Double Bright 4' strip light. The
results have me very pleased. I called Kim twice for advice and he was more
than willing to answer the questions I had ! If you have been contemplating
these kits I recommend them for anyone a little handy with hand tools. It
only takes some basic tools, drill, screwdriver, wire stripper and a
screwdriver to do the install. The strip is noticeably brighter than the
Perfecto SHO strip light that it sits next to and I now have 220 watts of
5400K CF on my 55 gallon tank! You can find a link to AH Supply on my links
page at: http://w3.nai.net/~luna/Fishpics/Fishlinks.html If you have an
Bob Buettner
looks like rain again in northwest Connecticut

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