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Changing swords

Hello all,

Having recently set-up my first real planted tank about 1 month ago I was
very impressed with the speed of growth I obtained with CO2, however I may
now have quantity but not quality! My problem is with my chainsword plants,
E.tenellus and another I bought under the name of pygmy chain sword. The
tenellus when planted started life with 3 inch stems with narrow tapered
leaves at the end about an inch long. The pygmy chain started with a small
crown of leaves about 1 inch long and half inch wide tapering to a point.
The problem is they both now look like vallis as all the new growth is
slender quarter inch leaves from start to finish and the only way to tell
them apart is height!

29G tank
Pressurised CO2
50W fluro lighting (grolux)
PH 6.5
GH 5
KH 15
Nitrate 20ppm

How can I get them to grow in there original shape??