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RE: Amazon & Deforestion my final comment

John said:
Agreed, but Bob lets take one or two tourists and multiply that by 100's, 
a few years with tranportation and airfare prices being the way they are
every aquarist will be down there collecting.
All of them will be in boats with motors that release gas products into the 
water, their wake can destroy habitats, (it has killed many a lake in
Ontario, which are now dead lakes.) The ultimate result Habitat 

Your line of logic here does not hold up. In fact you are sounding 
ridiculous... There is not a mad rush of tourists to Brazil. The country 
itself exports more plants, fish, and birds than even a few hundred 
tourists can pilferate. Exports account for more of the countries income 
than the tourist trade. The majority of people who do go to Brazil, visit 
their cities and beaches. Its a pretty big stretch to say that a few people 
collecting samples of naitive flora are going to bring down the rain 
forests, or start a trend  leading to that end.  Scientists often collect 
flora and animals to actually help perpetuate the species at home 
here...even as amature scientists, our comrades going on this trip are 
serving the same purpose.

Robert H
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