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Re: KH and ammonia

Bob Dixon said...

>Steve Dixon writes:
>> I'm missing something here.  Why would a rise in KH release ammonia and
>>  kill your fish?  KH and pH should rise together, right?  Changing the
>>  water should reduce any concentrations of ammonia, unless the new water
>>  contains ammonia.  What am I missing?
>Ammonia (NH3) at pH levels below 7.0 will pick up a hydrion ion and become 
>ammonium (NH4+), which is much less toxic.  So a rise in KH would drive the 
>pH back up over to the base side, causing the NH3/NH4 equilibrium to swing 
>back, releasing the h+ ions, and becoming the nastier form.  But what I am 
>missing is why water changes into a tank that is becoming more alkaline from 
>its substrate would cause the ammonia release.  Should be the other way 
>around in this case.

A water change will move the pH lower, but will release ammonia into
a tank that previously has little or none. The ammonia comes from the
chloramine breakup. In any case, I doubt that I'll ever know what
caused the demise of the fish. The point was that some sand can quickly
drive the KH higher. I ought to have used Amquel.

Edison Yap asked....

>Has anyone experimented on growing Anubias Emersed or out side the water?
>Will this technique make this plant grow faster this way?

My experience is that Anubias sp. grow very well emersed.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca