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looking for back ground suggestions, lighting suggestions

My planted tank is so brightly lit that when I place a dark background onto 
the tank, I get reflections off of the back glass. Some may like that 
effect, however, i personally dislike the fake-mirror image reflection idea. 
I am hoping for some suggestions which may help me install a dark blue, dark 
green, or black background and reduce or eliminate the reflection/mirror 
effect i get in a really  brightly lit aquarium. From the archive, I got the 
suggestion of using cork; howver, I would then need to mess with a two part 
epoxy paint to get it back, bule or green and I don't know a thing about 
painting (actually, I drew some ugly paintings in the third grade, but that 
it about as far as my experiences go with paint). ANY suggestions are warmly 
welcomed! E-mail me privately unless you feel there may be public interest 
as well.  =)

I am going to set up a little reef tank as well. probably a ten gallon. I 
remeber a short while back someone suggested a lighting kit provided by an 
on-line company for a pretty reasonable price. Anyone tried this? anyone 
knows the addrss? any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Toan in Sunny San Diego

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