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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1203

on 01:48 PM 8/9/99 , Edison C. Yap wrote:

 >I have a Micranthemum (Hemianthus) micranthemoides that floated to the
 >surface and then later on tranformed in to a floating plant.  It changed
 >into a totally different plant and it has much bigger leaf now.  I tried to
 >plant it again back to the sand but it would no longer return to its
 >original type, why is this?  Has anyone ever experienced this?  How can I
 >bring this plant back to its original type?

Perhaps it's reverting to an emersed form? I don't know, but it sounds 
fascinating. I'm going to float a few pieces of mine and see what happens...

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