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Strange C. japonica, isn't!

A while back I posted about a couple of shrimp sold to me as "Algae Eating Shrimp"
that did not seem to match the C. japonica description.  They recently molted,
and I'm now fairly sure they are Wood/Singapore Shrimp (Atyopsis sp.)  Mine
are not as dark as this-> http://members.tripod.com/~SubmarinR/images/shrimp/brine.jpg
but they look alot closer to that than a C. japonica.  Mine are not as brown
as that picture, but they got alot darker after the molt, and they have that
large stripe that starts at the nose and goes down the back, and a stripe around
the edge of the tail fin.

Does anyone have any more information on them?  The shrimp site at Joe's Aquatic
Lounge says they will eat algae, and they appear to be scavenging just like
the other C. japonica in the tank.  They don't come out in the open very often
like the C. japonica though.  

Should I return them, or keep them?  BTW, these were mixed in with the C. japonica,
and the LFS said they were all the same. 

jvaline at jps_net