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Re: Trimming Vals - sorry this is so late!


The tips will melt a little, when you trim, but that is easy to remove and 
soon they will look fine.  If you want some of the vals to rest on the 
surface, trim them slightly long.  I hold mine up and trim them to four 
inches from the surface, but if you cut all that way, they look a little 
odd, so what I do is to cut some 3-4 inches below the surface.  This leaves 
a decent looking bunch.

Some of those that are cut short will break surface when they grow 
out.  The tips will then melt, but soon their own weight will pull them 
back into the water.  I plant mine in front of the water outlet and the 
current helps them growing in one direction.

Be careful though when you trim as this will suddenly let alot more light 
into the tank and you might have a bout of algae.  I had hair algae start 
up the first time I trimmed. :o


Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 23:09:52 EDT
From: Zxcvbob at aol_com
Subject: trimming "jungle val"
My jungle val has leaves over 3 feet long in my 20 gallon aquarium. They
sort of wind around at the surface. It is becoming a problem because they
are blocking too much light. When I trim the leaves, they stop growing and
slowly "rust", start to die, and become a home for algae. I don't remember
this being a problem when the aquarium was unheated and had goldfish. I
though Vallisneria was a grass, and thus grew from the base rather than the
leaf tips. Should I be able to trim the leaves when they reach the surface,
or do I have to remove the outer leaves entirely when they get too big.