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Re: substrate fertilizer

In a message dated 7/31/1999 1:59:10 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> my  local supplier sells bags of red  soil. he   says  that's mud taken
>  from his  field  where he  cultivated his aquatic plant.  is   it what  you
>  calls  laterite ?

Not very likely, but as India is in the tropical zone, it might be.

>  is  it  ok  if i mix it with the subsrate in  a tank that
>  use UGF  ? my supplier use it  in his tank   and   the plants   looks very
>  good. 

IF your supplier is have good fortune with this soil, I suggest you use it 
the way he is.  It works.

>should i mixed  it with the gravel  or  put it before the gravel  ?

Again, ask the one who is growing good plants with it.

>  is fertilizer tablets that used for garden plant okay  for  aquatic plants

Most are too high in phosphorus.  You may find one for ferens and palms that 
is okay.

Bob Dixon