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Re: amano shrimp questions

I keep about 10 of these shrimps in my discus tank (at 2 bucks each, that's 
$20-- 20 Whoppers!) and imo these things aren't all that great if you feed 
your fish heavily. They just hang around and have a good time and wait for 
tetra bits which i bet taste better than algae.

pH 7.5
very hard
female shrimps seem to always carry eggs (have not seen any little shrimps 
yet, what's the correct term these guys anyway?)

Rich D'Ottavio mentions he lost a few amano shrimps. Rich, you mentioned 
that your pH is 4.5, and at that scale, I would have to guess your water is 
really, really soft as well. Although I have never tried amano in soft 
acidic water, i have lost a ghost shrimp or three from some of my 
"experiments" in such conditions; I then concluded crustacens don't do well 
in soft acidic.


San Diego

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