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Re: Test Kits for Sears/Conlin System

<<I am going to try the Sears/Conlin system and was wondering if you can
recomend a good Iron and Nitrate test kit. >>

I've been using a Sears/Conlin-type nutrient protocol for over three years
with great success in three tanks.  I test my water about once every three or
four months, or whenever something doesn't look right.  The Wardley nitrate
kit is very good and inexpensive.  I use the Hach iron test kit.  It's about
$50, which includes the mini colorimeter and a very cool carrying case. 
Refills on the reagents are not very expensive, though at my level of testing,
reagent shelf life is more of an issue than cost.  The kit is well made,
reliable, and easy to use.  You can order it directly from Hach by phone.

Hach Company
P.O. Box 389
Loveland, CO 80539 USA

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William M. Cwirla