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Re: What makes a fabulous tank?

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:  
(or was it Roger Miller?)

>A use of recognizable elements or themes in a tank - a sort of scenic
>metaphore - can give a viewer a sense of familiarity with an aquascape and
>invoke senses and emotions that originate not from the aquascape itself
>but from the viewer's impressions or memories.

Like my undersea pirate's chest with diving dogs theme?  :-)

Seriously, one thing that struck me about some of the first Amano
compositions I saw (in the magazine issue on rocks?) was how much they
looked like a plain covered with grass with a mountain or hill or boulder,
i.e. a terrestrial scene--with which we're certainly more familiar.

When I was asking my girlfriend (a real artist) for layout/compositional
ideas for the tank, she also gave me a rolling-hill-kinda design with a
big tree of an E. Blehri on the top.  Looked like a great place to take a
rest in the shade!  

So, yeah, I think familiar scenes appeal to people.  And may not be all
that bad for the fish, either.  Some of my fish might like taking rests on
shady hilltops too.

Elliot Williams	(ewilliams at ucsd_edu)
San Diego, CA