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id of a plant

Hi all

I am wondering if anyone can help me identify a plant.    It is the first
time I have ever seen this plant and seems to be very hardy and decorative.
It seems to be doing well growing on wood next to java fern, moss and
anubias nana.

It has small (1/2") egg shaped leaves which grow from a rhizome which has
white and sometimes light-green roots.  The leaves are a dark green color
and are thick and durable like anubias nana.

In fact the plant resembles anubias nana a bit.  The reason I dont think the
plant is anubias is because the leaves are much smaller and anubias leaves
usually have diagonal lines running from the center vein to the leave
perimeter (ovate), this plant has smooth leaves which curl downward a bit.

The LFS store (Aquarium Services, Robertson Road, Ottawa, if anyone is from
this area) had it growing on a piece of driftwood and the manager knows it
to be simply named "Water Clover".   Note however it only resembles the
dwarf 4 leaf clover (Marsilea crenata) roughly in size only.

I am hoping to find out the exact name of the plant and determine whether it
is ok to be growing it on wood.  It doesn't have the thick hardy roots of
anubias, or the black 'clingy' roots of java fern or bolbitis that seem to
allow these plants to survive without roots in substrate.

Hopefully my description is adequate.  If not I can provide specific detail
or possibly a photo.

Thanks a bunch
-Chris Foran  (my first post!)