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RE: What makes a fabulous tank?

> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> What are the characteristics (say 5 or 6 characteristics) that make a
> planted aquascape stand out - the characteristics that
> together would take
> it beyond pretty and right into downright breathtaking?

I'm usually just lurking but, I can't resist a subjective question. It is a
rare treat to not be able to be wrong:-) I asked myself these same questions
when I started into plant tanks.

I am kind of a traditionalist when it comes to a plant tank. I like:
 -big tanks (people rarely gasp at the site of a small tank, size improves
 -a lot of plants, several colors (I am leaning toward less variety lately,
I'm still trying to get over the "collector" mentality)
 -a lot of fish (I like fish, they add the personality)
 -large driftwood (don't ask me, I just like it)
 -3 sided framing in plants that only affords a view from the front. (I
think the fish are more comfortable when they have some privacy.)
 -a central viewing area to see any fish that don't care to disappear into
the backdrop

In my mind, that is how I picture a setting in water, despite it being
completely unnatural. I don't think I'd like a "natural" setting.

> I think there has to be visibility - you have to be able to
> see what's in
> the tank.  If the tank is choked with growth then there's not
> that much to
> see.

Until I give up keeping stem plants, this is more a question of did I just
prune, or am I about to". I can't bring myself to prune more often than
every 2 weeks, so I accept the cycle of thin to dense foliage as part of the
beauty of a tank. You get to watch the stuff grow again after you ruthlessly
cut it back.

Jon Wilson
(Big Dupla fan willing to pay reasonable fees for ship some to me in USA)