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Extra plants 4 trade & Montreal LFS suggestions

I have some extra willow moss (at least I think it's willow moss, it grow in a triangular pattern), some riccia (4 clumps about 4" across apiece), some sunsest hygro, some hygro diff and some smallish ozelot swords (6 of them,
about 3-6" in height).  Does anyone have any plants (or even fish) that they would like to trade?  Preferably not a stem plant.  Send me an email off list if interested (even if you have some stems).

Also, I will be in Montreal early next week (Sunday-Wednesday) on business.  Does anyone have any LFS suggestions?  Also, can I buy something (plant and/or fish) and just bring them home to the US (read as "can I stuff it way
down in my suitcase where they won't see it")?