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T-8 lighting

Roger wrote:

>In the general lighting market, "T-8" usually refers to the 32 watt
>high-efficiency lights.  The only 32 watt T-8 lights I've seen have been
>replacements for cool-whites, and produce a similar quality of light.
>There is little choice, so not much reason for discussion.

Actually, as long as you stick with the 4' length, you can get pretty much
any kelvin rating you want in T-8 32W Tri-phosphor bulbs.  I prefer to mix
5000K and 6500K bulbs, but I believe they make them up as high as 10,000K.
I get mine for about $7 a piece, but I suspect even if you can't find
someone to get you a "deal" you'd still pay less than $10 a piece.  These
are a real bargain in terms of both replace,ment cost and electricity
costs.  Well worth a little leg work to track them down.  I believe
Graingers carries both the bulbs and the ballasts. (they must be run on
their own dedicated type of electronic ballast)

>In the aquarium specialty market we've had 40 watt T-8 bulbs for a long

Yes for $20 or more per tube.  No thanks!<g>