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Re: Fluorescent Lights,Co2 and other stuff

Fluorescent Bulbs (cost factor).  I am using 48" Chroma 50's ( (F40C50 - "Sunshie
Full Spectrums") which cost me about $7 a pop at Home Depot on sale .  Changing a
bulb out every three months on my 4 bulb hood equates to $28/year for light
bulbs.  The color is a little on the yellow side, but the plants grow great.   My
dealer discontinued PennPlax and Tritons due to alleged shipping problems, but
offers URI bulbs for $28-32 a bulb.  So the better bulbs cost ~$120/year.
Multiply this by four tanks and we are talking some serious change.  Anybody have
ideas on compromise substitutions? - I believe someone once recommended mixing
cool whites and Chroma 50's for a more balanced color.

CO2 Cartridges  - I have been looking in the classifieds under welding supplies -
20 lb used bottles for about $100.  Thanks for the warning regarding bottle
expiration date.  My cohort who does home beer brewing gets 20lb CO2 refills for
$12.  Check with local homebrew beer stores for pointers on locating cheap
bottles and refills.

Plecostomus - My Plecostomus LOVE jicama and are leaving the amazons alone for a
change- Much thanks to Alan Kaufman for the hint.

Outdoor plants - I have never seen "light shock" in transplanting outdoor plants,
but I only do amazons, crypts, giant val and other hardies.   I transplant the
root soil as well.  Maybe the "shock" is related to water temperature change or
substrate change?