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"Planting" Java Fern, Java Moss & Anubias Nana


O.k., I've done the research, listened to the opinions and made my decision as
to what plants to choose for my first ever live plant tank. Because my tank is
fairly un-plant friendly (and is going to remain that way) i.e. has glass
marbles only on the bottom; normal, non plant light etc. - I have decided to
go with Anubias Nana, Java Fern and Java Moss. These are about the hardiest,
easiest to care for plants I can find, and further more they all (from what I
understand) do not need to be planted in gravel, but can instead be "planted"
or anchored in/on rocks, drift wood etc.

My question is this. How do I actually go about "planting" them on the rocks
and drift wood in my tanks? Do these plants have roots? Will the attach
quickly? Do I use fishing wire or something or will they atch all by

Please, no opinions as to if these plants are good or bad. For better or
worse, I've made my decision :) What I need is all the practical advice I can
get on the nitty gritty of actually putting them in my tanks and getting them
to thrive.

THANKS !!!!!