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RE: MHD Lights

Alfred Heng asked how much heat MHD lights generate.


I have two 150w 6500K MHD lights suspended 12 inches over my 100 gallon 
acrylic aquarium.  The lights are on ten hours per day.  The tank is kept in 
an air conditioned room where the air temperature is a constant 71 degrees.  
In the morning, before the lights come on, the tank temperature is 78 degrees 
F.  At the end of the day, when the lights go out, the tank temperature is 81 
degrees F.  MHD generate a lot of heat - just stick your hand directly under 
one and also around the unit as heat is radiated in all directions.  However, 
if you didn't use MHD your next best choice for efficiency (high light output 
compared to low heat output) would be T-8 fluorescents.  Eight T-8s take up a 
lot of space and also generate a lot of heat.  If space is a problem, 
consider the new compact fluorescents.

Roger Gordon
San Diego, California