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Re: MHD Lights

Alfred Heng <alheng at pacific_net.sg> asked:
> How much heat does MHD lamps generate?  I am considering 2 150watt 
> lights for my new tank.

I always get a giggle out of this question. Heaters and light bulbs are
all rated the same, in units of power (either electric power consumption
or heat generation). The amount of heat generated is equal to the amount
of power consumed (although a small amount of the energy is actually
captured by the plants and converted into stored energy in the form of
carbohydrates). 300 watts of MH generates the same heat as 300 watts of
FL lighting. There is a small difference in the amount consumed (and
released as heat) by the ballasts. 

I can easily touch my metal halide pendants with my hand when they are
on. They are aluminum and painted flat black to increase their ability
to radiate heat. They are warm to the touch, not hot. I run two 250 watt
bulbs in my basement. In summer, the humidity from the open tanks and
the extra heat makes the room a little muggy. In winter I don't notice.
I'm also running two banks of T8 bulbs over 4 20gal tanks in the new oak
aquarium wall unit built with assitance from Kerry Priest, a member of
the Vancouver aquatic plant club and furniture man.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

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