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Re: aquascaping the front corners

Roger asked<<

While working on one of my tanks just now I found myself short on ideas
for aquascaping the front corners of the tank.  In this particular tank,
the front corners are heavily shaded, which seems to be a special problem.
I have problems in my other tanks as well, trying to find appropriate
plants and good things to do in the front corners.  What do y'all do
there?  What about the special case of heavily shaded corners?<<

Well Roger, its my back corners that are dark. But I will give you two examples of what I have done,
or am thinking of doing
1. I created a hill on the far left side of the tank sloping down to three inches away from the front
corner glass. At the bottom of the hill I put a peice of slate as a wall with a three inch drop to the
bottom. Nothing is planted in front of the slate. This three inch high terrace arches away from the
hill blending to the foreground substrate to the right of the hill. The hill is supported with peices
of wood that have Anubias nana going up the hill, with tall bushy java ferns at the top. Around the
base of the hill I have small cryptocorynes growing in thick groups. Kinda like a castle with a moat
around it...on one side of it anyway.

2. Another idea I am toying with, since I plan on stripping this tank down soon and starting over, is
attaching a cut peice of foam going from the substrate up to about three or four inches from the water
surface, about four inches wide,and covering this strip with nana plants to create a verticle plant
wall in the front left corner of the tank, (on the side glass panel) Beside this wall I am thinking of
growing tall low light plants such as cryps or aponogetons, on a slightly raised substrate. Ulvaceus
in particular grows well for me in shaded areas and has big, wide, light colored leaves. At the front
panel glass I am thinking of small cryps again.

Robert H
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