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Re: Seachen's new Flourite

> have seen the new ads for Seachems black Flourite!  I'm positive that
> be safe!  I haven't actually seen the black stuff for sale yet, though.

Is Dr. Morin from Seachem still with us? This is the SECOND time I have seen
someone make reference to having seen print ads for the new colour varieties
of Flourite, and I believe the first poster who mentioned it claimed to have
actually been able to buy some.

Dr. Morin told me months ago that they were planning on introducing
different color varieties of Flourite but at the time could give me no
details on possible availability dates. There certainly isn't anything about
it on the Seachem website, it hasn't been updated since April 21, 1999.

Do any of the big mail order companies have it yet? What magazine are the
ads in - I have the latest issues of both FAMA and AFM and I can't find it?

James Purchase