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Re: Seachen's new Flourite

> > have seen the new ads for Seachems black Flourite!  I'm positive that
> > be safe!  I haven't actually seen the black stuff for sale yet, though.
>Is Dr. Morin from Seachem still with us? This is the SECOND time I have seen
>someone make reference to having seen print ads for the new colour varieties
>of Flourite, and I believe the first poster who mentioned it claimed to have
>actually been able to buy some.

Yes, I'm still here ;-) That ad was an "accident" and slipped out the 
door a little ahead of schedule. There is a Flourite Black, it is not 
for sale yet anywhere. It should be available "soon" (probably a 
month, but can't guarantee that), we are simply working on some 
supply issues to ensure that we will have enough of the material at 
introduction that we can meet the expected high demand. Since there 
does seem to be strong interest on the list, I will make a brief 
announcement on the list when it ships... if anyone objects to this 
just let me know now and I will refrain from making such an 

>- - Flourish Potassium. Mentioned as "Coming Soon" on www.seachem.com (in the
>"New" section). This would be very useful.

It's currently undergoing testing, so assuming all goes well it 
should be ready to ship in 2-3 months.

>- - I vaguely remember seeing a magazine blurb about "pH alert", a pH sensor
>similar to the Ammonia Alert. Sounds like the ideal rough CO2-level

That was a product we unfortunately had to pull from the market as it 
did not perform properly under all conditions. It is long term goal 
to reintroduce this product as the issues surrounding it are not 
trivial ones.

>Would Seachem's Prime work the same way as Amquel?

Prime first breaks the chlorine-ammonia bond _by binding to the 
ammonia first_ (thus no free ammonia is released) and then removing 
the chlorine and reducing it to chloride.

>yet?  I'm just wondering if it is the same price, and if its qualities are
>exactly the same as the original Flourite?

The price will probably be just little higher (because our cost is 
higher), but other than that (and the color of course) the quality is 
the same (with respect to the iron content and size and appearance).

-Greg Morin

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM