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Re: subjects

 "Roger S. Miller" wrote:
>Subject: subjects
>I actually classified all of the letters into one of eleven different
>categories and figured out how much of the traffic was made up of each
>category.  It was a bad TV night.  Anyway, here's the list:
>Animals                           22%
>CO2 and CO2 equipment             17%
>Chemistry and fertilizers         13%
>Plants                            13%
>Lights and lighting                7%
>Substrates                         7%
>Algae                              6%
>The Trade                          6%
>Filters and other equipment        4%
>Miscellaneous                      4%
>Photography                        2%
>Hey, at least plants were in the top 4.  Otherwise, I think the topics
>discussed are pretty much in line with the stated purpose of the list.

Hi Roger,
Interesting... and if you did this survey over another period you would
find things had rearranged. Sometimes a lighting thread gets going and most
posts are about lighting. All of the above have, or can have effects on
growing aquatic plants... except photography.. and who knows what camera
flashes stimulate. <g> I think it's a terrific digest and covers every
aspect of aquatic plant growing... and some exciting other stuff... like
Darren's testing procedures. <g> Darren are you still out there chanting in
the candlelight? 

in Vancouver where I just bought two new crypts, some japonica shrimp, a
couple of plant books and took some digital photos of planted tanks.