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Last month I asked a couple questions about plants, to which I got rather
little response.  There's lots of reason's why a question may not get
answered, so I'm not really complaining about the lack of answers.  I did
start thinking back and it seemed like over all we haven't been talking
much about plants lately.  So I went through the June archive to see just
what we did talk about.  I must have needed a break from all the
excitement in my life :).

It looks to me like about 13% of all the letters were about plants.

I actually classified all of the letters into one of eleven different
categories and figured out how much of the traffic was made up of each
category.  It was a bad TV night.  Anyway, here's the list:

Animals                           22%
CO2 and CO2 equipment             17%
Chemistry and fertilizers         13%
Plants                            13%
Lights and lighting                7%
Substrates                         7%
Algae                              6%
The Trade                          6%
Filters and other equipment        4%
Miscellaneous                      4%
Photography                        2%

Hey, at least plants were in the top 4.  Otherwise, I think the topics
discussed are pretty much in line with the stated purpose of the list.

Roger Miller

P.S.  This letter would be "Miscellaneous"