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Re: Newbie looking for help

Welcome to the list Peggy!

>Some of them couldn't even tell me the
>names of the plants, that they were selling!  I did extensive

That's nothing--the people at my local pet shop can only tell me whether a 
plant is alive or dead, and sometimes not even then.

>I only have gravel for substrate.  I have 2 different Crypts, 1 > Banana 
>Plant, 1
I use liquid fertilizers,as directed.

Ya know, Elliot and Hoa had swords with problems similar to yours. I've 
noticed my swords don't show these signs. I use a clay, peat moss, 
supersoil, gravel mix (see Steve Pushak's site). After an experiment, Elliot 
believes his sword problems are due to the fact that swords are heavy root 
feeders and the symptoms are symptoms of general nutrient deficiencies 
caused by "nonlocalized fertilization." Good lighting but not enough stuff 
for them to "suck" seems to be the problem. This gives me a chance to plug 
Steve's method. It gives me robust plants, happy healthy fish, and a heart 
pleasing sight with less maintenance than my non-planted tanks--no kidding.

There was a CO2 thread a little bit back; I dont inject co2. I have found 
the trouble of brewing co2 and constant worries of bottles tipping over, 
brew stuff getting sucked into the tank, etc. are not worth the marginal 
increase of growth (at least in my tank). Also, with co2 i have had these 
annoying patches of green and brown algae that start out as little pin tip 
spots and spread to become circular "stickers."

As for the directed dosage, are the recommendations based on /gal? Your tank 
seems to be pretty lightly planted, adding recommended dosage may be too 

Good luck Peggy! And I hope you find aquatic plants as enjoyable as I have. 


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