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Neons: update -> actually has something to do with plants

Well... it has been a while since my massive die-off of neons. I've finally 
personally replied to every who helped me with the neons (whoah! remind me 
never to promise everyone a reply again. I got like 30 something messages!). 
I'll share a couple of things I've learned.

In a healthy planted tank, nitrogen cycle bacteria count, expectingly, would 
be much lower than "bio-loaded" tanks. The planted tank the neons went into, 
most, if not all, ammonia produced is consumed by plants before bacteria get 
a chance, thus there were virtually no bacteria in that tank. So when I 
added the 70 neons, the multiplication rate of bacteria was not enough to 
counterbalance to fish population. That is, assuming bacteria can double in 
1 day, doubling the fish load in a well established tank with no plants will 
be countered in that amount of time--no sweat. Doubling fish load in a 
nitroge limited planted tank--big sweat! In my other bio-loaded tanks, I 
have added similar amount of fish with no problem at all.

Never buy 70 neons from Petsmart on Fridays (or the day when they get new 
arrivals) =) Or better yet, never buy from petsmart. 8^)

Neons are very delicate. Ammonia on top of stress from shipment, pet store 
tank introduction, shipping again, and home tank intro would kill them.

A school of 70 healthy neons in a 60 gallon tank is very stunning.


Who still believes you can happily house 250 .5" neons in a 60 gallon tank. 
hmmm... anyone want to buy 3 discus?

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