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Re: Crypt retro vs Apon

Klaus Schoening answered:

 The easiest way to tell, but not the only way is to look at the
rootstock.  All aponogetons grow from bulbs, if this is crispus it is
probably about marble size and round to oval in shape.  In 
Cryptocoryne retrospiralis, the plant grows from a rhizome which is 
a thickened root-like structure.
Thanks, Klaus, for your reply.  I don't recall it having a bulb, but 
wasn't really looking for one either.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to 
uproot it to find out its species.  Does this mean that Crypt retro 
does have translucent leaves?  It looks so different from my Crypt 
wendtii.  I've tried to compare it to photos in various books/web 
sites, but I guess the eyes have reached that mid-40's state of 
deterioration and I can't clearly determine the ID.  

Also, can Apons be grown from seed as well?  Is it possible that a 
seed-grown plant would not yet have a bulb?  

Cathy Hartland