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Re: Giant E. tenellus

Roger Miller wrote:
>A couple years ago I bought a few (5, I think) plants that the local 
>store called "pygmy chain swords".  I assumed that the plant was 
>E. tenellus ......
>the plants started putting on longer leaves and soon they
>got over 10 inches long and reached the water surface in a 20 
>gallon "long" tank......

I>n addition to the details above, I can add that the plant when 
>grown under fairly dim light tends to stay small, with leaves no 
>wider than 3 or 4 mm wide and about 3 inches long.  Under 
>brighter light they grow longer leaves and under some conditions 
>the leaves also get up to 6 or 7 mm wide.

Roger,  I had a similar experience with E. tenellus (in a rockwool 
pot labelled by the grower/distributor).  It started out short, soon 
carpetted the bottom, but as it became more crowded, the leaves 
reached upward instead of outward in a nice arch.  The foreground 
was filled with about 4-5" leaves, and the more shady areas had 
leaves 6-8" long.  I ended up pulling them all out and replanting with 

Also, I had tried Sag. subulata previously, but that one grew huge.  
So you probably had E. tenellus.

Cathy Hartland