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Aponogeton vs. Crypt

klaus schoening wrote:

> The easiest way to tell, but not the only way is to look at the
>rootstock.  All aponogetons grow from bulbs, if this is crispus it is
>probably about marble size and round to oval in shape.  In Cryptocoryne
>retrospiralis, the plant grows from a rhizome which is a thinkened
>root-like structure.

Almost right.  Actually, the "bulbs" of Aponogetons _are_ rhizomes.  Also,
there is one Apono, A. rigidifolia, that does not produce a food storage
type rhizome.  

Otherwise, you're right.  If it has a knobby tuber-like rhizome, it's
probably an Apono. if not, it's probably a Crypt.