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springtails vs watermites / hopping bugs

Thanks to all responding to this 'hopping bug' question. 
The reason I thought they were Hydrachna (water mites) was because I read
a book which discribed 'small hopping bugs on the water surface, etc' as 
water mites. Chris Wells and Mark Fisher are right when they say water mites
have no body segmentation. These bugs do, I took a quick look with a
loop and also saw that there are 2 species. They don't look like the 
springtails in my encyclopedia (ofcourse there are so many different
When I have some time I will get my loop (sorry no microscope here) and
draw a small picture and try to put that online somewhere or email it to
Chris and Mark and maybe they will be able to get a more definitive

Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra