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Re: Dealing with chloramine

>1.  What should be used to bind the ammonia?
>2.  After that process is complete, is there an easy way to bind the
>ammonia binder?
>3.  What about removing the ammonia biologically (with PLANTS!)?
>4.  Any other suggestions?


I've been using chloramine-treated tap water for my 10% weekly water
changes WITHOUT any conditioner for a couple of years now, with no
apparent problems.  I've had no unexplained fish losses (many of my fish
are over 3 years old, and I've had some for over 6 years), and my plants
are doing great.  I wouldn't dare do a larger water change without using
a conditioner, though.  

If you'd care to check out my tap water parameters, you can view our
"water quality summary" with Adobe Acrobat at
http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/water/.  Note that after a 10% water change,
the total ammonia-nitrogen in my tank should be around 0.05 mg/l, which
is hardly problematic.