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Geopast - Slightly off Topic

James Purchase wrote:

> The area where I grew up, in northern Nova Scotia,
> was once a lush tropical jungle - gosh, they have recently
> discovered that the town I was born in is built over
> an ancient forest where the trees have been fossilized
> in place (standing).

I am curious which town that was.  The shores off  north-east
Nova Scotia as you likely know are currently the subject of much
oil exploration and develpment in the form of the Sable Island
Oil projects.  I was not aware of the geology of the deposits. I am
aware they are quite immense in the size of their reserves.  I am also
aware that when Prince Henry Sinclair first landed in North America,
in Nova Scotia,  in 1398,  that his travel logs made reference to a
huge smokey fire which has since been ( mostly ) proven to be from
a burning tar pit in that same general area. And of modern geological
interest, there are even some who speculate that if the earths axis were
to begin a tilting process,  say from good old North Pole iceberg
snow melt, that Nova Scotia  could once again return to its former
tropical past.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net