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Redness and Algae Bloom

>"I was wondering if anyone knows how to bring out the red colors in plants.  
I have some >>>>ludwigia in my tank that was originally completely 
>red when I got it.  It then turned green with red highlights in my 
>community tank and in my new discus tank it eventually turned green. I 
>think that it started changing in the discus tank, when I got a new 
>heater for the tank and raised the temp from 75 to 85. Is this red 
>pigment dependent on temperature?  Or is there  something else at work."

>>Ludwigia needs bright lights to stay red.  I don't think it will die off,
>>though.  It will stay green.  You didn't mention how bright you lighting is.
The tank is a 72 gallon bow front 22 in high,  with 4 48 inch,40 watt 
T12s.  Two of the bulbs are chroma 50's. One is cool white (I know it's 
bad i'll get rid of it soon).  The other is a CORALIFE 10000K bulb. I 
might be wrong,but I believe that I have adiquate light. I'm not afraid 
of it dying,  it's doing fine I am just interested in restoring it's 
original red pigment. Since it was green with red highlights in the dicus 
tank untell I raised the temp for the discus when it turned total green I 
am curious if there is phehaps some connection between temperature and 
the different pigments.

>I find it completely ironic and just plain nuts that this happened.  You
>used an Aquarium Pharms product (Proper pH, which no one should use), had a
>problem with it, so they sent (sold?) you something else to remove it?
>Don't use Proper pH, it is a phosphate-based buffer, so no wonder you had
>algae problems.  When you used the Phos-zorb, it basically ate-up the Proper
>pH, so you're just throwing money away at Aquarium Pharms twice.  It's like
>when gangster collect "protection" money.
I'm sorry that I didn't make it clear enough, however Aquarium Pharm gave 
me the phos-zorb and the test kit for FREE. They even shipped it for 
FREE.  They were VERY nice and understanding and I would buy their 
products any day.