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Fwd: Re: Redness

>>I *think* it's blue light that makes red pigments. That's why I was playing
>>with Chroma 75s. Truthfully though, the only decent amount of red I've
>>seen in plants was where they got some sunlight. I've never played
>>with Mercuty vapour of MH lamps which I guess would do it, too.
>You should see my R. macrandra.  It's so red people don't believe that it's
>real.  I grow it under a combination of 5000K and 6500K T-8's, 3 w/g.
>Steve Dixon has bright red macrandra too, and he also uses fluorescents,
>though I don't remember what kind.  

R. Macandra seems like a strage plant. I have had great success with it 
even in less then optimal conditions, it has managed to put out some 
gorgeous vibrent red growth. I also have a bulb plant that puts out red, 
lotus like leaves, it too has been putting put green leaves lately.  Is 
is possiable that under different temperatures, different chlorapyll 
pigmernts take over? That chlorapyl b which is responsiable for the 
absorbtion of blue light runs optimally at lower temperatures and that 
chlorapyl a operates at higher temperatures in ludwigia.

I remember that there was a string about this a while back I don't 
remember thare being any final "resoloution" to any ideas.  Or were 
there?  I'm planning on lower the temp in my tank and seeing it if has 
any effect on the color. I'll report back with observations

Out of pure curiosity is anyone else growing ludwigia in a tank away from 
sunlight? Is it red? If it is, what are your tank parameters.