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Temperature probe

> > Recently, I found another model that is digital (HOO-HAH!) It reads
> > from - -58 to 302 degrees F. The resolution is 0.1 degree F! Simply
> > awesome for $19.
> I think Hanna Instruments carries something very similar to this -- we
> bought it for around that price.  I wonder if the resolution is that good
> though.  It's called the "Checktemp II", and we got it off the Hanna site
> (wwww.hannainst.com I think).
> Pretty silly when you consider that the Radio Shack +/- 2 F thermometers
> are selling for similar prices.  No contest!
There is a difference between resolution and accuracy. The Radio Shack
unit displays to  0.1F resolution, but has  2F accuracy. The Hanna
Instruments displays to  0.1F and has an accuracy of  0.5F and costs
$26. Hanna Instruments is still a better instrument and at a good price