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Re:Redness and Algae Bloom

"I was wondering if anyone knows how to bring out the red colors in 
plants.  I have some ludwigia in my tank that was originally completely 
red when I got it.  It then turned green with red highlights in my 
community tank and in my new discus tank it eventually turned green. I 
think that it started changing in the discus tank, when I got a new 
heater for the tank and raised the temp from 75 to 85. Is this red 
pigment dependent on temperature?  Or is there  something else at work."

Ludwigia needs bright lights to stay red.  I don't think it will die off,
though.  It will stay green.  You didn't mention how bright you lighting is.

"A seperate issue is pertaining to algae blooms. I recently had a problem 
with proper ph causing the biggest algae bloom I have ever seen. A whole 
weekend of work and a pound of diatom pouder wasn't enough to allow me to 
even see into the tank.  I spoke with a person over at aquarium 
pharmaceudicals about it, and he sent me some phos-zorb and a phosphate 
test kit.  After using the 2 packets for  3 days almost all the algae was 
gone. I got the phos-zorb on friday and by sunday I could see into the 
tank. To day only a very slight haze is present.  If you have an algae 
bloom use phospate reisins,  they are great.  Only problem is that it 
absorbed almost all the phosphate, so I had to supplement with a little 
proper ph."

I find it completely ironic and just plain nuts that this happened.  You
used an Aquarium Pharms product (Proper pH, which no one should use), had a
problem with it, so they sent (sold?) you something else to remove it?
Don't use Proper pH, it is a phosphate-based buffer, so no wonder you had
algae problems.  When you used the Phos-zorb, it basically ate-up the Proper
pH, so you're just throwing money away at Aquarium Pharms twice.  It's like
when gangster collect "protection" money.

You don't mention your water parameters so I don't know what you're trying
to fix.  Is you water too hard?  Too soft?  pH too high or low? If you've
got a planted tank, you don't need Proper pH (if you're using CO2).

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