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Phosphate removing stuff

	DI filters are designed for about 60gal. However, depending on your
	mine was lucky to last 15 - 20 gal. Terrible tap water. I have since
	purchasing RO water from my LFS. It would be cheaper in the long run
	to purchase an RO unit, but $15 every two weeks for 50 - 60 gal is
	bad. So I keep buying it. (It also gives me a reason to get out of
	house and go to the LFS <G>).

	This might be easier and cheaper than using a holding tank.
	Just my thoughts, it works best for me and insures that I do not
	add phosphates. Although, now that my fertilizing program has 
	improved, a little added phosphates would be a welcome to my
	plants since they are absorbing the excess anyway.

	David Lorenzen